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"Struggle Street" provides a rare opportunity to see what life is really like for Aussies doing it tough, often through no fault of their own. The difference between being homeless and having somewhere safe to live can often be paper-thin. For such a rich country Australia's welfare system is not the most...

SBS chief content officer Helen Kellie defended the program, stating that "We are confident that Struggle Street is a fair and accurate portrayal of events that occurred during filming...further, we believe the series fairly reflects the program description contained in participant release forms". SBS to air Struggle Street tonight but admits to cutting ... SBS will air controversial documentary series Struggle Street after meeting with objectors who launched a petition for SBS to suspend the broadcast, despite a blockade of its headquarters by ... Struggle Street: a winner for SBS ratings - In other ratings wins, MasterChef Australia continues to dominate the reality competition slot, ... Bob from Struggle Street, aired on SBS, a controversial documentary about the lives of Mount ... Struggle Street a ratings winner for SBS -

Apr 28, 2016 · Controversial 'poverty porn' SBS TV show Struggle Street returns - this time putting the spotlight on Queensland and Victoria. SBS confirmed new series of Struggle Street will focus on Victoria

Struggle Street is back, and it's infuriating - Michelle, left, is one of many full-time carers forced into poverty. Credit: SBS. Interestingly, the people in Struggle Street do not appear to be silenced by "stigma". Consider Allan, who has no ... SBS’s Struggle Street Season 3 to Premiere in 2019

The show won its time slot in the five capital cities with an average 935,000 viewers and rose to 1.3m viewers when the regional audience was included, an extraordinary result for SBS.

Why I struggle with the idea of Struggle Street filming in ...

Jun 24, 2015 · New three-part, fly on the wall observational documentary series Struggle Street gives a voice to those doing it tough right on the doorstep of Australia’s most affluent cities.

Our Gab-Soon - AsianWiki "Our Gab-Soon" takes over the SBS Saturday & Sunday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by " Yeah, That's How It Is" and followed by " Unni Is Alive" on April 15, 2017.